a Better World

Sharing for a Wonderful Life.

Let Experiences be the guide
to navigate us through a conneted and commercialized world

Every piece of content has an experience surrounding it,
and we believe these contents should be valued and shared to people in search of trustworthy information

By building a reliable platform on which contents are searched based on people's Real Experiences instead of products or services, we empower knowledge-sharers with the right to speak their truth. The platform will promote knowledge and experiences exchange through cooperation from everyone.

Experience without learning
is better than learning without experience.

Bertuand Russell, British philosopher and mathematician


Making it possible

A platform for everyone to gain and share

How We Do It

Marcopolo Technology

Believe in experience-sharing,

that is our most valuable commodity.



An ass in Germany is a professor in Rome

Learing and sharing can lead our world to be ever-improving and sustainable
An ass in Germany is a professor in Rome